Call for input on new introductory AMR curriculum

We are setting up a new curriculum on Antimicrobials Resistance (AMR). The curriculum is meant for the layman, the professional ignorant on AMR. The focus will be on most common, day-to-day issues and questions around AMR. We are currently designing the program and welcome your input: what topics do you think we should include?

'What you always wanted to know about AMR but were afraid to ask'

Please let us know what topics you think we should include in the new curriculum on AMR.
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Provisional program of the new AMR curriculum:

Lecture I: ‘Bacteria and other micro-organisms’
Bacteria like Salmonella, but also viruses, molds and yeasts: what they are, how they look like
Where micro-organisms exist, how they multiply and spread
Why they are useful to men but also can be life-threatening

Lecture II: ‘Antibiotics and other anti-microbial products’
Antibiotics like penicillin, antiviral products for HIV, SARS and ebola: what they are
How antimicrobial products are developed and how they work
How antimicrobial products have beneficial but also unfavorable effects

Lecture III: ‘Antibiotic resistance and resistance against other anti-microbial products’
Why and how antibiotic resistance and AMR develop 
The meaning of MRSA, ESBL, BRMO etc
Why and how AMR may develop into a serious health threat

Anticipated target groups:

·         Civil servants in ministries, national, regional and local authorities
·         Supervisors in governmental and non-governmental organizations
·         Board and staff members in healthcare institutions, nursing homes, insurance companies
·         Board and staff members in industry: pharma, food, feed, agro, dairy, environment, water works
·         All other interested layman: the professional ignorant with AMR

Pre-education in microbiology or related discipline not needed. 





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