Innovation is good for business


InnoTact Consulting helps customers to exploit the opportunities for innovation and business improvement in the domain of Life Sciences. Our philosophy is that innovation is good for business: without innovation there can be no long term business perspective.

We specialise in assisting customers to develop strategic, tactical, and operational approaches that optimise open innovation, partnering and joint business development. We aim to achieve maximum effectiveness, striking that essential trust-reward balance that is at the heart of any successful collaboration. Our customers are in both the public and private sectors. According to their own specific competences and business strategy, we help them to focus on the most appropriate mix of internal / closed and joint / open innovation.

One of our key strengths is our dedicated, structured Netherlands Life Sciences relational database in which more than 1100 Dutch Life Sciences companies, public and public-private institutions are included. This database, in concert with our network of business relations, enables us to approach, select and include the appropriate innovation partner, business or knowledge partner, service provider or outsourcing party. Our approach to doing business is based upon strong ethics, partnerships and risk sharing with customers. This means that we build long-term customer relationships so as to share the rewards gained from effective long-term operational excellence.

Maarten van DongenMaarten van Dongen, PhD is the founder and partner at InnoTact Consulting ('InnoTact') , a company that provides innovation management and partnering support to Life Sciences companies and organisations.

During his time at InnoTact Maarten designed and developed several large industrial collaborations in the Life Sciences sector. These include the Netherlands Carbohydrate Competence Centre and the India-Europe business platform BioPortEurope. He was directly involved in more than 200 Life Sciences projects for private and public organisations in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, UK and USA.

Maarten's main strength is his deep understanding of many aspects of Life Sciences innovation processes. This is coupled with a comprehensive appreciation with regional economic development in biotech hubs. All underpinned by a thorough knowledge of the Life Sciences sector and a large business network. All of this is backed up with over 25 years of practical experience in innovation strategies with small, medium-sized and large, multinational corporations and public organisations.

During his time at InnoTact and in collaboration with the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University and the University of Warwick (UK) Maarten developed the training program 'Project management in Life Sciences'. This training program was given to biotech companies within and outside The Netherlands.

Maarten is the author of a series of reports on The Netherlands Life Sciences sector. More information on these 'BioSkyline reports' is available at

Prior to founding InnoTact Consulting, Maarten worked at CIVI Consultancy, Solvay Pharmaceuticals and Pharming Group in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland and Belgium. Maarten's first role at CIVI Consultancy (later acquired by PwC) was to assess the progress and effectiveness of industrial Life Sciences innovation projects. Later his role moved to supporting the development of the first Netherlands innovation agency StiPT.

More recently Maarten further developed his international project management skills at Solvay Pharmaceuticals. Within a five year time frame he succeeded in managing the research, preclinical and clinical development and successful registration of the vitamin D analogue calcitriol for the treatment of psoriasis. During the same time Maarten was instrumental in implementing the global Solvay Pharmaceuticals matrix organisation.

During his time at Pharming Group Maarten further strengthened his operational and line management skills. In Kuopio (Finland) he built up, obtained funding for and further developed the research & development company Pharming Oy. After this period in Finland he similarly built up the new and much larger manufacturing company Pharming NV in Geel (Belgium).

Maarten studied molecular/medical microbiology at the University of Groningen and obtained his PhD in biochemistry at the University of Amsterdam/Medical Research Council in Cambridge (UK).

Maarten has lectured part-time on innovation in the Life Sciences at the Universities of Leiden, Amsterdam and Utrecht and at the Hogeschool Utrecht.





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